Marvel’s Spider-Man

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Marvel Animation’s fresh new take on Spider-Man follows 15-year-old Peter Parker as he’s accepted into Horizon High – a high school for brilliant young scientific minds – while learning the responsibility that comes along with being a new super-powered hero in New York City.

The series focuses on the duality of Peter’s persona as a normal teenager and not-so-normal superhero. He struggles to balance family, friends and academics, while also hiding his secret identity of Spider-Man from everyone, including his best friend, Harry Osborn. As Peter embraces his alter-ego and takes on super villains like Kraven, Doc Ock and Vulture, he tries to save Harry from landing on the wrong side of good and evil.

The series is filled with action, drama, humor and heart, going back to the basic elements that fans enjoy as Peter Parker gets schooled in the art of becoming the hero that audiences know and love as Marvel’s Spider-Man.