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Paige and Frankie, teenage comedy video bloggers for their own Bizaardvark channel, have gained in popularity on the prestigious video sharing website Vuuugle. They’re well-known to millions of viewers for their offbeat comedy, but now the two best friends must simultaneously traverse far more uncertain territory – a new high school – in the second season of the Disney Channel comedy series “Bizaardvark.”

While some of Paige and Frankie’s new Sierra High classmates are fans of Bizaardvark and its comedic music videos – including “Comeback Song,” “Kids Table,” “Bad Hair Day,” and “Oops Wrong Emoji Song” – being video bloggers doesn’t completely exempt them from the challenges of high school.

Their fellow classmates and Vuuugle buddies, aspiring agent Bernie and fellow video blogger Amelia of “Perfect Perfection with Amelia,” have their own issues at school. Bernie is on a quest to be one of the “cool kids,” but the wannabe mogul’s overprotective grandmother and early curfew keep getting in his way. Meanwhile, Amelia is trying to curb her megastar ego, but humility doesn’t come naturally to her.

When Frankie and Paige are not in school, the quirky best friends can be found at their Vuuugle studio creating and producing funny sketches and songs or taping some of the V-logging world’s wackiest (and downright hilarious) video challenges; including the Flying Shoes Challenge, Lip Sync Battles, Eat or Wear It, Pancake Art, and more.

With each adventure and video, Frankie and Paige, along with Bernie and Amelia, learn to laugh at themselves, tackle adolescence and the ups and downs of friendship, high school and the video blogging world, all while trying to stay true to themselves and follow their dreams.